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Emerging Wealth

At Harris Private Wealth we have the privilege of being in the heart of the Silicon Valley, where our Emerging Wealth team works directly with the area’s brightest individuals who want to build and preserve wealth and financial security.

We believe that building wealth is affected by short term decisions and managed with long term relationships. Wealth management and financial planning are dynamic in nature; whether you are just starting to accumulate or are taking the next step in planning, working with the Emerging Wealth team will ensure a cohesive plan to accelerate you towards your personal and financial goals.

In the Emerging Wealth Division, wealth management and financial planning are not just securities selection and building a portfolio. We strive to help our clients save, grow and protect their assets to ensure financial success now and into the future

The industry has evolved significantly over the past 50 years, and technology will continue to drive change. Where robo-advisors stop short at assessing risk tolerance and time horizon, we not only embrace technology but provide the human element which is crucial to help you formulate your plan, keep you on course, and navigate the inevitable changes along the way.