Jim Glass, LUTCF®, CLTC®

Jim Glass, LUTCF®, CLTC®

SVP, Wealth Management & Insurance Planning

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I am a fifth generation native of San Jose from an agricultural family. At a young age my grandfather encouraged me to invest in the stock market. When I showed interest, he referred me to his personal broker. Unfortunately, that broker managed to lose 50% of my nest egg while I was in college, then counseled me to remove my money from the market and cut my losses. I was confused and devastated.

In college, I earned degrees in social sciences and education, so naturally I began my career as a high school math and social science teacher. But I kept thinking how disappointed I was that my grandfather’s broker had failed to educate me or give me sound advice so, after 9 years of teaching, I joined the financial services industry. I wanted to learn how to properly invest for myself, and then to help others to achieve financial security and wealth.

I opened my firm in 1988 because I truly cared about helping people gain peace of mind that comes from a sense of trust and confidence that they are being expertly counseled and cared for. I feel immense satisfaction in helping people plan for the future, weather the storms, and reap the long-term benefits of sound financial planning for the long term. With expertise in both insurance and investment management, I can balance both assets and risks in the context of a financial plan.

I care deeply about my clients and their continued financial well-being. After 34 years in business, I merged my firm with Harris Private Wealth to ensure continuity of care and increased breadth of services for my clients, and their families, well into the future.


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